Term 1 Issue 4 2023

Principal's Page

Hello families,

Tonight is the night of nights at the Murray Bridge Town Hall, with the annual Year 12 Formal. Many visitors come to watch the procession of our graduating year 12 students, which features the unique vehicle drop off on Bridge Street and walk down the red carpet on Sixth Street in  very spectacular outfits for photos at the Art Gallery entrance. Fabulous nights like this are the culmination of many months of planning and I would particularly like to acknowledge leader Kara McLaren and her formal committee of Mackenzie Linder, Hannah McFee, Taylah Bailey and Mia Duncan for all of their hard work. 

Over the last two weeks we have been conducting Naplan testing with our year 7 and 9 students. This testing gives us a snapshot of the core skills students have and can demonstrate. The changes to the test in both time and structure this year will mean that schools and parents will not be able to compare with previous years, but nevertheless we will be able to extract different elements of the data to inform our improvement goals. I am concerned that the high number of absences will have an impact on the overall data for our site. 

From time to time a small number of students present with behaviours that are unacceptable in the yard or classroom. I make it very clear to students that violence will not be tolerated in any form, and the same consequences occur for any students who do not resolve differences appropriately. We offer restorative practices to students through the wellbeing and student pathways leadership team as a way of de-escalating and managing conflict. If your child is experiencing a breakdown in relationships with others please get them to reach out for support.

This year we have digitised excursion and camp permission paperwork. The new system involves parents getting an email with all of the relevant information and approval forms. With the number and variety of excursions and camps increasing from past years it is great to see this system has improved efficiency, with accuracy in indications of students attending coming in with enough time to plan effectively. Parents will also notice that we are trying very hard to keep costs for excursions to a bare minimum so that all students can participate and be involved in experiences that enhance learning.  


Sports Day 2023

Friday 10 March was our 2023 Sports Day. The day was a huge success  with all students being commended for their effort, support and attitude throughout the day. We would like to thank families and friends that came along to support the day, we were fortunate to have such great weather. Overall Winners - Wirakuthi - 2111 Kungari - 1936 Pondi - 1911 No:ri - 1451 Well done ...

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2023 Fringe and Festival Excursion

By Robyn Page

This year, as in other years in the past, the Creative Arts and Drama teachers escorted a group of year 11 and 12 students to experience various performances, events, exhibitions and the atmosphere of the Adelaide Fringe and Festival. It was an entertaining, educational and exhausting day!

The bus from MBHS arrived at the New Exuberance textile exhibition at the Jam Factory at 10am. Here students watched glass blowing in action and learned about the unique and various art and textile courses available at the Jam Factory before viewing the exhibition. From there we walked to our first performance: Electric Dreams’ Torrent - a mesmerising collaboration of dance, I.T generated surrounding screen images, music and spoken word which explored the loss of Indigenous identity through the motif of water. Some student comments were “It was so beautiful to see how the dancers and the It worked together to make those images”, “I really enjoyed watching it but I didn’t really understand it” and “It was emotional”.

Following this the students had a short food/shopping break and free time in Rundle Mall before reconvening at the Art Gallery for the Andy Warhol exhibition. Students completed both a workshop and guided exhibition of the prolific works produced by this infamous artist including prints of his own selfie wallpaper. The group then headed to the beautiful venue of the Ballroom at Ayers House where they watched, Watson a one man performance where Dr Watson (aka Sherlock Holmes) recounted his final case with the famous detective. Unlike Torrent, this performance was readily understandable and the acting of Tim Marriott was impressive albeit without the wow factor of moving images.  

By this time the group were tired and hot so we enjoyed a short break in the shade areas of the Garden of Unearthly Delights. We then got to experience Kaleidoscope, a human maze of mirrors, music and lights. Students spent 30 minutes trying to be the fastest to complete the maze with one student claiming “The more times you do it, the more you get lost”. Then there was 80 minutes of free time for tea, shopping, carnival games and rides all within the Garden area. Despite being extremely overpriced, the students enjoyed the respite, colour and atmosphere of the Fringe as more and more of the general public poured into the Garden area.

Our final performance was at 7pm at the Festival Theatre. The luxury of the venue provided a stark contrast to those of the Fringe. Here we viewed Air Play, a children's performance featuring a miming duo who, using the power of  fan forced air, ‘play’ with balloons, lightweight latex cloth and even umbrellas. The performance was fun, interactive and beautifully hypnotic to watch.  Immediately following this the group piled on the bus to come home. We all had different opinions on what we saw, we all were exhausted and we all were richer for the experience.

Robyn Page (Drama teacher)

Year 12 P.A.R.T.Y Program Excursion

By Louis De Michele

The year 12 Health & Wellbeing classes attended an excursion at the Flinders Medical Centre on the 16th of March. P.A.R.T.Y. is the ‘Prevent Alcohol and Risk-related Trauma in Youth’ Program. It is a hospital based injury awareness and prevention program which aims to help teenagers understand risks, choices and consequences. This is a primary strategy in preventing trauma. The P.A.R.T.Y Program is a dynamic, interactive initiative designed for young people between the ages of 15-19 years old.
The students spent time with various trauma services; meeting the people that care for trauma patients including paramedics, doctors, nurses, organ donator coordinators, allied health professionals and volunteers.

The P.A.R.T.Y. Program allows students to follow the devastating journey of a trauma
patient. Students were given information about: basic anatomy, physiology and how injuries occur; the effects of alcohol/drugs on judgement, concentration and coordination; the nature of injuries that can be repaired and those that can’t and the effect of injury on families and future plans.

The program brought participants face-to-face with the consequences of risky
decisions. Through an up-front, true to life experience of the impact of trauma. It emphasised  the choices students make can cause life-threatening injuries to themselves or others, which not only affects them, but also their family and friends.

The student responses to the excursion was overwhelmingly positive with many students stating that “it was a real eye opener. Especially the guest speaker (Daniel) who was a car crash survivor, the message wasn’t sugarcoated and gave many a reality check.“

Harmony Day at Oakbank Area School

By Sean Hickey

The Murray Bridge High School Concert Band 1, along with our senior vocalists presented a 40 minute concert to the students at Oakbank Area School to promote Harmony Day.

There was lots of audience participation, including one student who conducted the band with great elegance and style. This was a special opportunity for us to share our passion for music with Oakbank students, and especially support their new Instrumental Music program. The Concert Band welcomed the beginning Oakbank students, taught by Mr Peter Young while Mr Ascione ran a vocal workshop with some very enthusiastic vocalists accompanied by the year 11 and 12 students. This has paved the way for more collaboration across our schools and partnerships to support music education as a Music Focus School.

A big thank you to our IM teachers Mr Helps and Mr Frears that supported the students all term in the lead up to this performance.

Year 11 Outdoor Education - Mountain Biking at Kinchina

By Blake Tabe

On Friday the 28th of February, Mr Tabe’s Year 11 Outdoor Education class along with Dee Spurling ventured to Kinchina Conservation Park for their Mountain Biking experience. During this experience, the students received mountain biking coaching from instructors Tyson and Steve from Head for the Hills MTB.

Students were challenged and learnt the basic skills of mountain biking and applied them to a range of trails within the conservation park. Students developed their resilience, perseverance and communication skills while undertaking the experience. Students also learnt important knowledge about environmental awareness and sustainability gaining new strategies to ensure minimal impact while mountain biking.

The coaching staff were super impressed with the students' behaviour and their determination to push themselves when challenged, which I was very pleased to see.

Well done team!

Recently students undertaking their Certificate II in Construction put their theory into practice. In a team they constructed 4 wall frames which when all screwed together made a little room which they will eventually line with gyprock.

Host Families Needed

By Helen Peake

During week 9, term 3 Murray Bridge High School have the privilege of welcoming and hosting the Australian Girls Choir. The girls are due to arrive at the end of school on Monday, 18th September and leave again on Friday, 22 September 2023.

At the school we are in the process of looking for host families who are willing and able to host at least two girls during that time. Hosting families do not need to have students at the school, nor do they need to have young people in their home. What they will need however is a WWCC (Working With Children Check) which can be done through the school (at no charge to the family). It is a requirement that any family with adults over the age of 18 staying in the home during that week would also require the WWCC check completed.

If you are at all interested or if you would like any further information please do not hesitate to contact me at helen.peake92@schools.sa.edu.au and I will happily answer any questions. Should you wish to commence a WWCC check the school would require the following information:

Your full name
Date of birth
An email address

Helen Peake

Volleyball Trials

Trials for Year Level Indoor Teams will be held in trainings during Weeks 9, 10, and 11 of Term 1. These teams will compete in Statewide Knockout Tournaments, VSA School Cup and VSA Schools Smash, see details below for the trials.

Youth Governor's Leadership Foundation Program

About the Youth GLF
This program is designed to help Year 10 teenagers develop into confident, resilient and empowered young people who will be socially-responsible change-agents primed to make a difference improving equality in their community.
In 2023, 25 x year 10 students from diverse schools and backgrounds, will come together for a 4-month leadership journey where they will learn self, team and community leadership.
Commencing with a 2 day camp at Mylor they will work in mixed small teams over 12 weeks to progress a challenge facing a local Not-for-Profit.
Through fun, challenging and collaborative activities, teenagers will become more self-aware, be inspired to think ‘we’ not ‘I’, and learn how to serve the community through a hands-on project. The program culminates with a special Presentation and Graduation Ceremony in September 2023.
Our previous programs with students this age have seen students grow significantly and become more confident, better communicators, and more self-directed aspiring to leadership roles in their schools and in the community.
Applications are open now.   We have a number of scholarships available.

Contact Mr McFarlane for more information.
Eligibility: Must be a Year 10 student in SA who displays potential to be a leader in the community, but may be lacking the skills and/or confidence.

More information is available here

 and the link to application form is here

Lost Property

We have lots of lost property at the Student Services Office.

If your student has lost any items, we ask that you please check there. Items include school jumpers, jackets and drink bottles


When your child is unwell or going to be absent from school for any reason (appointments etc) please advise the school either by:

SMS – 0451 266 328

Email – dl.0785.attend@schools.sa.edu.au 

Telephone – 08 8531 9555.  A message can be left with the student/s name/s, year level, reason for absence, date/s of absence/s, and your name and telephone number.

It is important that students arriving late for school come to sign in at the student services office.

Tues 28 Mar Slingsby Performance - Drama Workshop
Tues 28 Mar Finance Committee Meeting 5:00pm
Thurs 30 Mar Yr 7 & 8 Immunisations
Thurs 30 Mar Yr 11 & 12 Visual Art & Design Excursion to SACE Art Show and Gallery
Fri 31 Mar Yr 10 Immunisations
Fri 31 Mar Yr 10 P.E Aquatics
Mon 3 - Thurs 6 Apr Yr 7 Aquatics
Tues 4 Apr Governing Council - 6pm
Fri 7 Apr Good Friday
Mon 10 Apr Easter Monday
Tues 11 Apr Secondary Schools Athletics Championships at Mile End
Wed 12 Apr Middle Years Achievement Assembly
Thurs 13 Apr  MBHS vs Unity College Sports Competition
Fri 14 Apr Last day of term. 2pm dismissal

Ramblers Football Club are needing players for all grades, particularly in the U15.5 & U18. Trainings for this age group is 5:30pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

Great coaches and team managers!!!!

Dear Parents/ Caregivers,

The Centacare Supporting Children and Youth (SCY) program would like to reach out to raise awareness of our program to you for if your child/ teen is experiencing challenges that may be impacting their mental wellbeing. We are here for children and youth to provide early intervention counselling to support young people to overcome challenges in their life to enhance their resilience and improve mental wellbeing. 

The (SCY) program offers 1-1 Counselling in office-based and school-based settings. 

How to recognise that a young person might be needing extra support: (but not limited to)
•    You have noticed changes in their usual behaviour
•    Struggling to manage emotions/ anger outbursts
•    Appearing sad or down frequently
•    Constantly worried and doesn’t want to go to school
•    Appears withdrawn
•    Struggling with friendships
•    Loss of interest in the things that they used to enjoy
•    Engaging in bullying behaviour

If you have concerns for the wellbeing of your child/ teen, then please contact us on 8215 6320 and we can discuss making a referral for the young person to access the Centacare SCY program to receive support.

*Please note the SCY program is not a behavioural program, the SCY program is voluntary for the young person, and uses a collaborative and holistic approach with parental involvement. 

Warm Regards,

Centacare SCY program