Term 1 Issue 2 2023

Principal's Page

Dear families,

The hot weather has certainly tested us this week! We have filtered and refrigerated water stations around the school and encourage our students to refill their water bottles during break times in order to keep hydrated. When temperatures are in the extreme we will enact the hot weather policy which opens up classrooms and extra spaces to keep cool.

It is great to see the friendly rivalry of the Neighbourhood Cup ramping up again this year. There is a range of factors that make up the scoring system and often it is the quiet achievers who make the difference over the year. We have academic, sporting and social elements. The ‘Murray Bridge Highs’ are points awarded to students who are good citizens, demonstrating kindness and respect to others as well as attributes such as perseverance and initiative. Last week the Year 11 Peer support class ran the year 7/8 Neighbourhood Games which was lots of fun and created opportunities for our newest students to connect and build relationships with older peers.

Next Tuesday 28th Feb is the Annual General Meeting of the Governing Council. It will be held in the library at 6 pm. I encourage anyone who has an interest in the strategic planning of the school to join us. Governing Council consults on a range of Education Department and local level initiatives, reviews, monitors and approves the financial resources of the school and reports to the Minister on the school’s performance in implementing our improvement priorities. Our Governing Council has oversight of the school canteen and staff employed. I appreciate and value your input!

Thank you to the families who joined us for meet the teacher night, we enjoy getting to know families in a more informal environment. We had many parents who took the opportunity to find out how to access daymap and google classroom and make connections with individual teachers. We are more than happy to give one-on-one support for anyone having difficulties connecting or navigating our communication platforms, just ring and ask!

I am looking forward to seeing many parents next Tuesday Night, please join us!

Senior Years Success Assembly

An assembly was held to acknowledge and congratulate the now year 11 and 12 students who achieved outstanding results or growth in their learning in 2022. Students who made the greatest gains in their studies between terms 1 and 4 along with students who had exceptional academic achievement were presented with certificates. Dux of Year 10 2022 - Emma Lienert Dux of Year 11 2022 - Jinger C...

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Year 10 Achievements

Students who made the greatest gains in their studies between terms 1 and 4 and improved by at least one grade band by the end of 2022.

  • Georgia Lee
  • Bayleigh Biar
  • Sebastian Rowe
  • Jaeden Jenkinson
  • Tyrel Long
  • Joel Wilson
  • Selena Woolger-Bickerton
  • Jordan McInerney

Students gaining a GPA of 12.5 or more and awarded a silver academic achievement award:

  • Tori Barnett
  • Jorja Jones
  • Ava Lindner
  • Jade Burgess
  • Rakibul Khan
  • Payton Barr
  • Relryl Pangpang
  • Charli Worden
  • Mia Vivian
  • Amelia Kettlestring
  • Andriana Karras
  • Abby Altamura
  • Cody Page
  • Toby Helgeson

Students gaining a GPA of 13.5 or more and awarded a gold academic achievement award:

  • Dennis Yang
  • Jessica Deane
  • Holly Lynch

One student gained a GPA of 14.5 or more and was awarded a platinum academic achievement award and Dux for Year 10 2022:

  • Emma Lienert

Year 11 Achievements

Students who made the greatest gains in their studies between terms 1 and 4 and improved by at least one grade band by the end of 2022.

  • Mahlo Bell
  • Blake Burnell-Herzich
  • Montanna Webb
  • Stacey-Lee Smith
  • Junyuan Huang
  • Vi Pham
  • Alayah Gibson
  • Ana Elca
  • Xavier Mcaninly
  • Christian Slattery
  • Ace Cheso
  • Nicholas Law
  • Joshua Tentye

Students gaining a GPA of 12.5 or more and awarded a silver academic achievement award:

  • Mahlo Bell
  • Montanna Webb
  • Caitlin Hissey
  • Vi Pham
  • Brett Birleson
  • Baylee Cooper
  • Zoe Bettcher
  • Leila Dahlitz
  • Jordan Collihoe
  • Gytanshu Garg
  • Callee Kozikowski
  • Peyton Allen
  • Jack Elliott
  • Joseph Matakanace
  • T'Nesha Gibson
  • Jorja Edwards
  • Lilly King

Students gaining a GPA of 13.5 or more and awarded a gold academic achievement award:

  • Scarlett Cocks
  • Sophie Edwards
  • Yulee Chi
  • Ralph Catipay
  • Jazmin Catanzariti
  • Katelyn Mitchell
  • Adela Chewings

Two students gained a GPA of 14.5 or more and were awarded a platinum academic achievement award and Dux for Year 11 2022:

  • Jinger Caisip
  • Kady Reu

2022 Year 10 Silver Academic Achievement Award Recipients

2022 Year 10 Dux - Emma Lienert

2022 Year 11 Academic Growth Award Recipients

2022 Year 11 Gold Academic Achievement Award Recipients

2022 Year 10 Gold Academic Achievement Award Recipients

2022 Year 10 Academic Growth Award Recipients

2022 Year 11 Silver Academic Achievement Award Recipients

2022 Year 11 Dux - Kady Reu & Jinger Caisip

@Work Students Volunteering in the Community

Our year 9 & 10 @Work classes commenced their volunteering opportunities within the community to learn and develop skills ready for the workforce.  Over the past two weeks they have attended Jervois Sports Club to undertake gardening, cleaning and maintenance to ensure the clubrooms and facilities are all ready for the winter sports season to begin. Over the coming weeks students wi...

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Recycled Plastics for Class

By Joel O'Connor

Since mid 2022, the Murray Bridge High School has been running a plastics recycling program, where the students sort and process plastic bottle lids donated to the school from the community. The students sort, clean and granulate the plastic before it can be used to produce a number of items ranging from carabiner clamps, hair combs through to larger beams of plastic that can then be used in a range of manufacturing processes.  

This year's year 9 Young Designers class has used materials produced by last year's class to build a bench seat to be used by students in the school. The bench used approximately 36 kg of plastic to produce this is the equivalent to approximately 18,000 bottle caps. The combs are sold by the school and a number have also been donated to Mypolonga Primary School for sale in their School Shop.

Year 12 Outdoor Education - Kayaking Camp

By Kathryn Reedy

On the 13th to 15th of February 2023, the Year 12 Outdoor Ed class ventured to Goolwa for their first major camp with staff members Kathryn Reedy and Keiran Wandel. Unfortunately, due to the recent flooding events our planned activity was changed from surfing to kayaking due to the unfavorable conditions of the beaches along the Fleurieu Peninsula. The kayaking sessions were run by fully qualified Flatwater Instructors from Victor Harbor Aquatics Centre. Students were given the opportunity to showcase their kayaking skills in a range of unique environments. Day 1 students completed their intro to kayaking course and paddled round Encounter Lakes, day 2 were headed to Myponga Reservoir for a day paddle and on the last day they paddled Hindmarsh River from Bridge Point.

A highlight of the trip was venturing to the Murray Mouth on Hindmarsh Island for an environmental investigation where the students learnt about its ecological importance and the current local environmental issues that are present from a range of perspectives. They also learnt about the value of sand dunes on a short walk to the Lookout located at Goolwa Beach. It was awesome to see the group working closely together and supporting each other over the 3 days. Overall, it was a very enjoyable trip. Students represented the school with pride, showed great determination and teamwork for the entirety of the trip. Well done team. Really looking forward to our two bushwalks to Mambray Creek and Deep Creek next term. 


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Beach Volleyball

By Maddie Hughes

Nominations have now closed, thank you for everyone who has put their name down! We expect to be taking 21 teams (over 80 students!) across two days in Week 6!

A reminder that there are trainings at lunchtimes and after school for those who are attending beach volleyball, and for those who may be interested in trialling later in the year for Indoor Volleyball Tournament Teams.

Monday Lunch Time: Middle Years (7, 8, 9)

Thursday Lunch Time: Senior Years (10, 11, 12)

Monday After School: Boys (all ages)

Tuesday After School: Girls (all ages)

Year 10 Visual Art

By Kylie Brunato

The year 10 students in Visual Art and Design have been exploring ethical and sustainable clothing this week and as a part of their research the students have been experimenting with printmaking techniques, rust, flower and plant dyeing. The sustainable and ethical clothing project gives students a greater understanding of the importance of recycling and how these small positive changes will assist in a more sustainable future. 

Thank you to everyone who donated the fabrics. We greatly appreciate it! 

Clontarf Officially Launched at Murray Bridge High School

By Ben Fennell

The Clontarf Foundation exists to improve the education, discipline, life skills, self-esteem and employment prospects of young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men and by doing so equips them to participate more meaningfully in society.

It has been fantastic to see the Clontarf room full of activity and great energy as we open the doors to our Murray Bridge High School boys. 
If any Aboriginal boys are interested in joining the program, please come over to the Clontarf room to say hello or parents/guardians can give Academy Director Ben Fennell a call on 0403 992 590 or Operations Officer Greg Carter on 0431 144 884. 
Upcoming Events: Clontarf Footy Game and Community BBQ 
When: Wednesday March 1st 
Where: Murray Bridge High School Oval 
Time: 12.50pm - 3.30pm 
Clontarf families are invited to join us back at the Academy Room following the game for a BBQ and yarn. 
Below are some photos of some of the boys who are already engaged and loving the program.

Meet the Teacher

Thank you to all families that joined us for a BBQ and chat at our recent meet the teacher evening. Details from our digital engagement session have been added to the website and can be found


Home Hosting Opportunity - The Australian Girls Choir

By Helen Peake

We are thrilled to announce that we are hosting 58 girls from the Australian Girls Choir when they come to Murray Bridge from September 18 to September 22, 2023.

It is a specific request of the AGC staff that at least two girls be hosted in any one home. From previous visits these girls are delightful and bond very quickly and easily with their host families. There will be more information coming soon about this visit but if you are interested please do not hesitate to contact me, Helen Peake either by contacting the school or by email  


 Again, this home hosting does not require the host family to have students at the school so is an open invitation to anyone should they be interested.

Tues 28 Feb Governing Council AGM - 6pm
Wed 1 - Thurs 2 Mar Yr 11 P.E Aquatics
Mon 6 Mar  Yr 10 P.E Aquatics
Tues 7 Mar Secondary Youth Leadership Conference
Fri 10 Mar  Sports Day
Mon 13 Mar Public Holiday - Adelaide Cup Day
Tues 14 Mar Student Free Day
Wed 15 - Mon 27 Mar NAPLAN
Tues 21 Mar Concert Band Excursion to Oakbank Area School
Fri 24 Mar  Senior Formal
Tues 28 Mar Slingsby Performance - Drama Workshop
Fri 31 Mar Yr 10 P.E Aquatics
Mon 3 - Thurs 6 Apr Yr 7 Aquatics
Fri 7 Apr Good Friday
Mon 10 Apr Easter Monday
Tues 11 Apr Secondary Schools Athletics Championships at Mile End
Wed 12 Apr Middle Years Achievement Assembly
Thurs 13 Apr  MBHS vs Unity College Sports Competition
Fri 14 Apr Last day of term. 2pm dismissal

Materials & Service Charge 2023

The 2023 Materials and Service Charge is due to be paid in full by Friday 14th April 2023, unless you have made a formal payment arrangement with Deb Lang.

School card applications can be made on-line at:


or a form can be obtained from the school. If you have any questions, please contact Deb Lang on 8531 9512.